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Mirtha Otaño | paintings
11/05/2020 to 12/30/2020

05/08/2012 to 06/01/2012


Spaces where he participated (selection)

Neuquén House of Culture in Buenos Aires, Santa Fé House of Culture in Buenos Aires, Liliana Rodriguez Gallery, ICANA Belgrano headquarters, Borges Cultural Center; Honorable Mention in the Winter Hall of Braque Art Gallery with the Work Frágil Fortaleza, from the TIME MARKS Series; Gualeguaychu House of Culture; Mirá Art Festival with 3 Works, highlighted by Arte del Mundo, Los Toldos Museum, Pinamar, Arte Salta Night of the Museums 2015 and 2016 at Meeba Arte, Tandil's Sacred Art Hall.


Individual exhibitions (selection)

Argentine Art in Contemporary Mexico

2015 Exhibition at Menduina Gallery Art in Los Angeles, United States.

2017 Portugal, Lisbon, Galería Colorida individual presentation with 24 works.

2018 Adriana Budich Art Gallery, permanent artist.

2019 Gallery Liliana Rodriguez permanent artist.

Bienal de Neuquen Contemporáneo 4 (installation).

2020 invited to the Barcelona Art Nou Mil gallery. lenni, (pending due to pandemic).


It has been published in various contemporary art magazines (selection).

Visual Arts Guide, Ed. 2016 Pag. 46 and 47.

What we do current art publication

Num. 275, cover and p. 25;

Num. 278 cover and p. 25;

Num. 279 p. 19.

Num. 280 pages, cover and page. 29/3 works.


With virtual gallery in


Art on line


Numerous notes from art critics have been published in Argentina.


Nominated for the Lola Mora Award by the Legislature of the City of Neuquén, her city of residence. (2018).

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